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The Ultimate Cooking Experience

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The Big Green Egg has such a loyal following that those who love it call themselves Eggheads. What’s the difference between backyard grillers and Eggheads? One word: community!

The Big Green Egg Egghead community is more than a group of enthusiastic cooks. They are an online community that is committed to offering expert cooking advice and welcoming new Eggheads. They:

  • Immediately greet newcomers with words of encouragement
  • Generously offer advice and tips on proven and trending recipes
  • Consistently provide connection through cookbooks, social media, and regional and national gatherings
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The Big Green Egg Difference in Kamado Cooking

Kamado cooking has been used for thousands of years and is a Japanese term that describes cooking food over stones or rocks, inside a spherical container. Cooking inside a dome adds flavor and juiciness to food that cannot be accomplished with traditional grilling methods such as gas, charcoal, or fire.

What makes the Big Green Egg different from other kamado cookers is the tireless engineering and patented technology that has gone into making the Big Green Egg the most durable ceramic grill on the market, providing the best heat insulation over other “kamado” cookers.

  1. At the base of the Big Green Egg, a patented draft door controls the amount of air entering the fire box.
  2. The multivariable, heated air exit at the top makes it easy to adjust cooking temperatures so you can sear quickly or slowly roast food.
  3. Using 100% natural lump charcoal inside the sealed fire box provides an exceptional cooking experience and phenomenal taste.
  4. The air-tight ceramic chamber retains heat and keeps food moist.
  5. There are several sizes available, from 2 XL, medium, small, and even a mini Big Green Egg.
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It’s a Grill, Oven, and a Smoker

  • If you can eat it, it can be grilled! Put meat, fish, veggies, and fruit on the stainless steel cooking grate and you’ll be rewarded with a tender, delicious meal!
  • Once you purchase a Big Green Egg, your oven can officially enter retirement! Using the indirect heat of the Big Green Egg bakes bread, egg casseroles, pizzas, pies, and Thanksgiving turkey to perfection, locking in flavor!
  • Having the ability to control temperature allows you to slowly smoke food, delivering succulent results.


There are numerous accessories to complement your Big Green Egg. The hardwood table conveniently elevates your ceramic cooker for easy access and provides useful counter space for food, dishes, and utensils. Custom cooking islands and the nest cabinet also are excellent storage and counter space solutions.

The convEGGtor® allows you to easily cook, smoke, or bake any food that requires indirect heat. The racks, grids, and specialty cookware pieces also complete your Big Green Egg cooking experience.

We Are Your Big Green Egg Dealer

The Big Green Egg is only available through distributors and Authorized Dealers. Overhead Inc. is your Authorized Dealer, serving Toledo, Ohio as well as all of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. We are factory trained in the many features of the Big Green Egg and deliver the customer support and service that sets the Big Green Egg and Overhead, Inc. apart from their competitors.

A visit to our showroom to purchase your Big Green Egg is your first step to being inducted into the Egghead Community!

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