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Patio Awnings

Create the perfect day with a retractable awning. Enjoy the sunshine when you want it or create shade whenever you need it with a simple push of a button. Retractable awnings are ideal for shading your home or business during those hot months to reduce your energy costs. And they can be retracted in the winter to welcome the sun, warming your space. At Fireside Hearth & Home, we are proud to provide homeowners and businesses near Toledo with the best awnings and outdoor comfort with Eclipse Awning SystemsDurasol Awnings and Sunsetter Awnings. With our extensive selection of products and styles, we have the ideal shade solutions for any application to add functionality, beauty and design to any home or business. 

With Eclipse retractable awnings, you can have the best of both worlds. Sun when you want it and shade when you need it! There are no unsightly poles and no costly seasonal put up and take down. With the Eclipse, you’re just a touch of a button away from everything you need (manual cranks available).


Eclipse Retractable Awnings

The elegant, electric powered Sunsetter “lateral arm style” awnings open and close effortlessly with one touch of a remote control. These awnings are lateral arm style awnings, meaning they have no vertical support arms, and the support arms extend out directly under the awning canopy.


SunSetter Lateral Arm Style Awning

Can’t install a regular SunSetter Awning on your deck or patio? The SunSetter Oasis is a unique freestanding retractable awning for lawns, decks, poolside, or any location where you want beautiful shade and protection. 


SunSetter Freestanding Oasis Awning

SunSetter EasyShades can block harsh sun and glare on porches, but let in light and air. A variety of fabrics are available along with options of remote control powered or solar powered opening and closing for your convenience. 


SunSetter EasyShade

The Eclipse® is among one of our most popular models, offering maximum value for your investment. This awning can be mounted just about anywhere, including a specially designed roof mount.

The Eclipse features smooth clean lines in its powder-coated aluminum frame, stainless steel hardware and over 900 lbs. of spring tension in its lateral arms. This ensures a great looking, high performance awning.


Eclipse Awning

With a simple press of a button, you can get cool shade and protection instantly. The SunSetter Motorized and Motorized XL Awnings operate effortlessly in seconds, so you can control the weather on your deck or patio. They are the ultimate in convenience, protection, and affordability.


SunSetter Motorized Awning

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